About Awesome IT

Awesome IT is a yearly conference on Information Sciences, organised by members of the study association via at the University of Amsterdam.

The first edition of Awesome IT was held in 2011 with around 100 attendees. Over the last ten years, the conference has welcomed speakers from all over the world and the number of attendees has grown to around 450.

In 2023 we organised a edition inside the new building: LAB42. This edition was a great success, and we are looking forward to the next edition in 2024.

Registration is open for everyone! During the conference, you will not only be able to attend one of the talks, but there will also be an interactive workshop, a company fair and company speeddates to discover companies that fit your interests and come into contact with them. Additionally, you will be provided with plenty of coffee and tea, a free lunch and drinks at the end of the day! In short, Awesome IT is a great opportunity to expand your network of knowledge and people.